Ideal about running a school
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The hope of Taiwan is based on education, the hope of education is in national education! As coming ideological trend of post- modernism rises, the voice of educational reform rises from all around, there must be different thinking and experience in running a school : Besides the administrative affairs match with the variety of social demand、 implement the administrative blueprint of Changhua-county magistrate, even more need construct and regard student as a learning corpus of school culture, train students to have basic ability in order to adapt to the greatest challenge of the kownledge-based economy. According to the fundamental law Article 3: The school educates in respond to the principles〝provide educate for all students、teach students in accordance with their aptitude〞。 With humane spirit and scientific methods, cultivate students grouping character and help them pursue ego realization. In the face of reform of education , keep quality is the starting points of value and dignity in mind, look forward to opening and educating the fresh impression , wish to cooperate with all teachers and students , parents, create the new opportunity !

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